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The Organizers of the BioInfoMed’2020 are thankful to all the participants in the conference for their inspiring oral and poster presentations, engagement and active participation. Willing to make the conference even more pleasant and fruitful experience, we managed to allocate resources for awards and distinguish the best research presentations in the following three categories: Best Poster Presentation, Best Oral Presentation and Best Young Scientist. In addition, in each of the categories, certificates for excellence are also presented to the two shortlisted runners-up.

During the closing ceremony on 10 October 2020, the following winners were announced by the General Chairs Prof. Tania Pencheva and Prof. Sotir Sotirov:

Best Poster Presentation

  • Certificate for excellent poster presentation awarded to Todor Petkov for the research entitled “Application of Virtual Reality as a Tool for Structural Analysis of Molecules – Steroids, Pharmaceuticals and Pesticides” by Todor Petkov, Stanislav Popov, Milen Todorov, Stanimir Surchev, Guy De Tré, Maciej Krawczak.
  • Certificate for excellent poster presentation awarded to Simeon Ribagin for the research entitled “Possible Application of Generalized Nets in Telemedicine Screening of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)” by Simeon Ribagin.
  • Best Poster Award presented to Margarita Terziyska for outstanding presentation of the research entitled “Sequence-Based Prediction of Food-Originated ACE Inhibitory Peptides Using Deep Learning Algorithm” by Margarita Terziyska, Ivelina Desseva, Zhelyazko Terziyski.

Best Oral Presentation

  • Certificate for excellent oral presentation awarded to Petia Koprinkova-Hristova for the research entitled “In-silico Investigation of Human Visual System” by Petia Koprinkova-Hristova, Simona Nedelcheva, Nadejda Bocheva.
  • Certificate for excellent oral presentation awarded to Vesselina Merhar for the research entitled “Comparative Morphometric Image Analysis of LYVE-1 and Podoplanin in HIV Infected Preeclamptic Women” by Simeon Ribagin.
  • Best Oral Presentation Award presented to Nodira Nazyrova for outstanding oral presentation of the research entitled “New Machine Learning Modelling Approach for Patients’ Mortality Prediction in Hospital Intensive Care Unit” by Nodira Nazyrova, Mahmoud Aldraimli, Abdumalik Djumanov, Ikboljon Sobirov, Thierry Chaussalet.

Best Young Scientist

  • Certificate for Excellent Young Scientist awarded to Boris Velichkov for the research entitled “Cascading Approach for Automatic ICD-10 Codes Association to Diseases in Bulgarian” by Boris Velichkov, Gerasim Velchev, Panayot Panayotov, Simeon Gerginov, Sylvia Vassileva, Ivan Koychev, Svetla Boytcheva.
  • Certificate for Excellent Young Scientist awarded to Mark Kirichev for the research entitled “Fuzzy U-Net Neural Network Design for Image Segmentation” by Mark Kirichev, Todor Slavov, Galina Momcheva.
  • Best Young Scientist Award presented to Yordan Georgiev for outstanding oral presentation of the research entitled “Biologically Active Acidic and Neutral Heteropolysaccharides from Geranium sanguineum L. and Macrolepiota procera (Scop.) Singer” by Yordan Georgiev, Tsvetelina Batsalova, Lili Dobreva, Balik Dzhambazov, Manol Ognyanov, Petko Denev, Svetla Danova, Svetlana Simova.
Boris Velichkov
Simeon Ribagin
Yordan Georgiev
Todor Petkov

Congratulations to all of the distinguished colleagues!