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WHEN: 9 October, 09:00 – 15:00
WHERE: Hall “Foros” (100 seats, Floor 2)
CHAIR: Prof. Evdokia Sotirova

9:00 9:45 Invited Speaker: Biljana Kuzmanovska

Point of Care in the ICU

9:45 10:15 Stanimir Nedyalkov Stoyanov, Todorka Atanasova Glushkova, Asya Georgieva Stoyanova-Doycheva, Emil Hristov Doychev

A Two-Level Model for Generating Healthy Routes in the Conditions of a Smart City

10:15 10:45 Dessislava Atanasova, Nataliya Venelinova

Comparative Analysis of Decision-Making Models in National Healthcare Systems of EU Member-States: Change-Drivers’ Identification

10:45 11:15 Coffee break and Poster session
11:15 11:45 Rumen Rusev, Ivo Rusev, Vladin Petrov

Unified Approach for Designing a Database for the Needs of the Anesthesiologists in Bulgaria

11:45 12:15 Nodira Nazyrova, Mahmoud Aldraimli, Abdumalik Djumanov, Ikboljon Sobirov, Thierry Chaussalet

A New Machine Learning Modelling Approach for Patients’ Mortality Prediction in Hospital Intensive Care Unit

12:15 12:45 Valentina Ignatova, Lyudmila Todorova

Computer-Based Rehabilitation of Cognitive Impairments in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

12:45 13:15
13:15 14:15 Lunch
14:15 15:00 Invited Speaker: Prof. Krasimira Tsaneva-Atanasova

Integrating Microbiomes in the Context of Lung Disease


WHEN: 8 October, Coffee breaks at 11:00 – 11:30 and 15:45 – 16:15

Vladimir Gonchev, Valentin Vasilev

Application of Digital Health and Telemedicine to Deal with COVID-19

Milen Todorov, Gergana Avramova-Todorova, Krasimira Dimitrova and Valentin Irmov

Virtual Assisted Technologies as a Helping Tool for Therapists in Assessment of Anxiety. Outcomes of a Pilot Trial with Chatbot Assistance

Bistra Zaharieva, Lyubka Doukovska, Slaviiana Danailova

InterCriteria Decision Making Approach for Osteoarthritis Disease Analysis

Filip Naumovski, Biljana Kuzmanovska

Point of Care Lung Diagnostic in ICU – Our Experience with Bedside Lung Ultrasound