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The Organizers of the BioInfoMed’2022 are thankful to all the participants in the conference for their inspiring oral and poster presentations, engagement and active participation in the symposium. During the closing ceremony on 7 October 2022, the General Chairs Prof. Tania Pencheva and Prof. Sotir Sotirov distinguished the best research presentations in the following three categories: Best Poster Presentation, Best Oral Presentation and Best Young Scientist.

Best Poster Award presented to Zlatka Cholakova for outstanding presentation of the research entitled “3D Technologies in Urological Practice. Application of Software for 3D Processing in Urological Practice” by Zlatka Cholakova and Nikolay Mirinchev.

Best Paper Award presented to Ivan Torlakov for outstanding oral presentation of the research entitled “Parallel Technique on Bidirectional Associative Memory Cohen–Grossberg Neural Network” by Gani Stamov, Stanislav Simeonov, Ivan Torlakov and Marina Yaneva.

Best Young Scientist Award presented to Todor Petkov for outstanding oral presentation of the research entitled “Emotion Recognition Using a Convolutional Neural Network” by Todor Petkov, Aleks Titanyan, Veselina Bureva and Stanislav Popov.